MLS Business Rules Audit

Audit Service

Our business rules audit empowers MLSs to address compliance issues, reduce risks and liabilities, improve rule enforcement, and simplify integration processes with technology partners.


No matter your MLS's needs, Ocusell has a solution for you.

At Ocusell, we understand that every MLS is unique. That’s why we offer a range of five different audit services, tailored to suit your MLS’s specific needs. Whether you need one of multiple services, we’ve got you covered. To determine what service(s) best suit your needs, explore the following questions and deliverables below.

Did our custom rules make the transition to the new vendor?

Post-Migration Analysis Report

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Do my systems enforce my policies correctly?

Technical Compliance Report

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What should my policies be?

Suggested rules and policy report

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How well do my policies align with Industry Best Practices?

Policy Analysis Report

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How do I mitigate my legal risks?

A full scope audit that includes all services

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Benefits of an Ocusell Audit