Ocusell was born from the belief that an outdated process could be improved. Founder and CEO Hayden Rieveschl witnessed the angst of a real estate agent who hired a professional photographer and waited a week for the listing images. The home could have been on the market that entire time, the agent said. There had to be a better way.

Rieveschl now had a mission. He and his team found the ‘aha’ moment that sparked Ocusell’s proprietary software in the realization that acquiring a professional image is entirely software-driven, from the camera technology to post processing. Why couldn’t software be developed to address the same requirements? They set forth to do exactly that.

The Ocusell photography app leverages today’s technology to instantly generate professional quality images. Homes can now be listed the same day pictures are taken. Professionals from car dealers to restaurant owners can easily showcase their products to the world. Ecommerce applications in other sectors are boundless.

The wait and expense of professional photo capture is over. With Ocusell, the professional photographer is you.