What makes Ocusell a revolutionary app?

The photo editor app’s proprietary technology does double duty: not only does it allow the capture of professional quality images in a single snap, but it also allows for the enhancement and sharing of said images instantly. Ocusell streamlines a process that once involved the labor and cost-intensive triad of professional photographer, editing software, and digital placement. Thanks to Ocusell, what once took days or even weeks happens in mere seconds – and all thanks to a single app.

How easy is it to use the photo editor app?

Extremely. Let’s say you’re a car dealer embarking on a diy auto photography shoot on your lot. Click to capture the picture of the vehicle. Click again to export the picture(s) to Google Drive (or the platform of your choice). The car is automatically organized by vehicle stock number and ready for all of cyberspace to discover it.

Who can benefit from Ocusell?

Any industry that relies on sharp, crisp images to display products will benefit from Ocusell. Key industries include (but are not limited to): automotive, real estate, boutique and hospitality. From dealership inventory photos to real estate listing photos to ecommerce product photography, Ocusell shines as a value-added tool.

What devices support the app?

Ocusell is supported by Android and iPhone devices.

How much does Ocusell cost?

Users pay $2.99/month (with in-app purchases available at an additional cost). No matter which plan a user selects, the cost is hundreds of times less expensive than the traditional ‘hire photographer/upload pictures to the Internet’ model of online marketing.

What sets Ocusell apart from the best picture editing app choices?

The proprietary technology alone is enough to differentiate the app, but Ocusell goes one step further. Not only are Ocusell pictures of professional quality, but the way they are seamlessly stored expedites the sales process. This isn’t just a filter app that takes a sub-par smartphone picture and makes it slightly better. Ocusell allows for the capture of glorious images and more. It’s a diy photography app that is poised to change the way ecommerce sites are updated and displayed to the public.

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