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Image of Vase


First, clean your lens. Make sure the subject can be seen in the camera viewer on your mobile device. While looking at the subject through your camera viewer, touch the screen around the square to adjust lighting.


Now that the lighting looks just right in your camera viewer, hold the device still to capture. View your image and adjust saturation and contrast by pressing the Wow & Colorize buttons (on/off), and Crop. If the image looks like a keeper, hit “Save” and designate the desired project.

Capture Image of Vase
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Sell Faster

The image is now saved as a project. Go to your projects page and select the desired project to find the image. Share!

  • Share the image (Share Button) to your destination of choice.
  • Long Press the image and click multiple images to share more than one shot.
  • Share your entire project by clicking the Share Button on the projects banner.

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